Laurel Medical Solutions makes modifying your home easy. There are many simple modifications you can do to a bedroom that can increase the safety and convenience of any home. By implementing some of the below solutions to your loved one's bedroom, they can easily keep their independence.


At Laurel Medical Solutions, we offer a full array of bedding options to suit your bed positioning needs. From basic manual homecare bed frames to full-electric systems, we have what you need to keep you or your loved one safe and comfortable.

  • Full-electric

  • Semi-electric

  • Adjustable Beds

  • Low Air Loss Mattresses

  • Accessories


The Immersus Mattress has a special mattress design that features three zones with varying firmness and softness foam configurations for maximum pressure redistribution.

Additional Benefits:


medical mattress designed to redistribute pressure and protect through evidence-based ergonomic support.


for the ultimate in healing, fall prevention, comfort, and satisfaction. 

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Immersus Mattress Master web Image.png


Freespan Straight Rail

The Freespan Straight Rail lift is a freestanding lift system that will make taking care of a loved one easier in the comfort of their home. This system is equipped with locking handles and wheels for safe transports and is made out of aluminum. 


With multiple height and length ranges, the FreeSpan SR 

can be used in most rooms.  

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Overbed tables

Overbed tables provide a comfortable way to eat, read and write. They provide easy access to items and devices which are often used while in bed without getting  

bed table.jpg

Pressure patient alarms

Pressure patient alarms alert caregivers with audio alarm when a patient gets out of a chair or bed. The alarm comes with a safety alert, On/Off switch, and a low battery warning. 

bed alarm.jpg

Bed rails

Bed rails are designed to give you assistance for getting in and out of your bed. The rail height can be adjusted and are tool-free for your comfort. 

bed rail.jpg

We have many more bedroom accessories such as hospital sheets, shoe horns, dressing sticks, shoe curls, medical pillows, and bedside commodes. 


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