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Standers are therapeutic, adaptive equipment, or standing aides for children with physical disabilities. A stander is a frame that holds the child in various positions, including upright, prone, and supine. 

Bantam Standing.jpeg

The Bantam line of standers are the only sit to stand standers that can combine the option of supine positioning to create infinite positioning possibilities from 90- 90 sitting, fully vertical standing, full supine lying and anywhere in between. 

Key Features

  • Full body support system

  • Gradual range of motion

  • Accommodates individuals up to 54"

  • Form to fit blocks available

  • 3 different sizes



Explorer Mini

Designed to support development, the Explorer Mini is an ergonomic device with multiple weight-bearing surfaces to help promote safe, stable upright postures while providing opportunities to improve strength, endurance, and postural control. 

Key Features

  • Front-wheel drive

  • Joystick control for independence

  • Adjustable/removable saddle seat

  • Base width of 19"

  • 35lb weight limit


The Leckey Freestander is an upright standing system for children and teens designed to offer a variety of adjustable supports to provide comfortable postural positioning at the chest, hips, knees, and feet. 

Key Features

  • Unique positioning pelvic belt

  • Easy-to-clean fabric

  • Strong, height adjustable frame

  • Ideal of ages 1-18yrs old

  • 3 different sizes


A standing frame that supports an upright standing position with the center column in front of or behind the child. Modular components can be clicked quickly and easily on and off to meet an individual's changing needs. 

Key Features

  • Dynamic standing for easy movement

  • Growth adjustable accessories

  • Sandals and knee supports options

  • Suitable for children up to 70.75" tall

  • 3 different sizes

Rabbit Up

The Rabbit Up is a truly adaptable stander. It offers the users the freedom and opportunity to move about and explore using the two optional driving wheels. The Rabbit Up enables the child to be an active participant while stimulating senses and providing the child with more independence. 

Key Features

  • Angle adjustable center bar

  • Large wheels optional

  • Multiple support options

  • Camber angling center

  • 4 different sizes

Mobile Stander Big Wheels_edited.jpg
Mobile Stander

The Mobile Stander provides new independence and standing mobility. This Mobile Stander helps strengthen critical motor skills so a user can progress toward independent standing. 

Key Features

  • Soft, fleece support strap

  • Lockable, large wheels options

  • Accommodates 65" young adults

  • Extra wide for more support

  • 4 different sizes

MYGO Stander

The multi-positional Leckey Mygo Stander is a versatile standing therapy solution that grows with your child, giving upright, prone, and supine standing configurations all in one standing system. 

Key Features

  • Adjustable and versatile

  • Multiple positional supports

  • Improves motor abilities

  • Supine shoulder support

  • 2 different sizes

Prone Standers

Perfect for use in any classroom, therapy room, or at home, the Leckey Pronestander gives individuals postural support combined with the benefits of standing therapy in their daily lives.

Key Features

  • 5 prone positions from 45-85 degrees

  • Unique pelvic positioning

  • Improves social interactions

  • Promotes bone health

  • 3 different sizes

Squiggles Stander

An ideal choice for the classroom or at home with a wide range of optional components available to create a customized active seating system for your child. Also available with dynamic options to accommodate tone and spasticity.

Key Features

  • Infinitely adjustable for every need

  • Available with seat springs

  • Tilt-in-space and high/lo base available

  • Optional armrests

  • 3 different sizes

Squiggles Stander +

The Squiggles Stander + is noted for being low to the ground. This is ideal for encouraging socialization and interaction at eye level while offering interaction offering unsurpassed support, adjustability, and easy storage. This item has always been easy been

a standout when it comes to happy parents and happy children. 

Key Features

  • Prone, upright and supine standing

  • Hip abduction of up to 60 degrees

  • Knee supports to distribute pressure

  • Hip and chest width 6.3"-9"

  • 48lb weight limit

Super Stand

The most versatile standing system available, Superstand works as a Prone, Supine or Upright Stander without the need to purchase additional parts. Changing positions is as simple as changing from the headrest to the chin support and simply reversing the tray. 

Key Features

  • Fully adjustable

  • 3" plastic casters on base

  • Cotton support harness

  • 7 frame colors available

  • 2 different sizes


The Zing MPS is the only multi-position stander that pivots two directions, allowing the unit to go from flat-to-load supine to 20supine 20oo prone in one motion. There is no need to transfer the user in and out, flip pads, foot plates and trays. 

Key Features

  • 30-degree leg abduction

  • Multi-adjustable tray available

  • Transfer height of 31" from floor

  • Prone position lockout

  • 2 different sizes

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