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We have products that are designed to help parents meet the challenge of safely bathing their child who have difficulty sitting independently. 

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Contour Wrap

The Contour Wrap-Around Back Support is a great option for a small child with mild positioning needs, whether bathing or just simply sitting on the floor. Padded and available in two options, Lo-Back and Hi-Back. 

Key Features

  • Made of medical-grade PVC

  • Bacterial and fungal-resistant mesh

  • Compact design

  • Pelvic support belt available 

  • Product weight less than 10lbs


The Flamingo is a toilet/bathing chair, and is one of the most versatile products on the market with five configurations available; freestanding with a pan, directly over a toilet, as a shower chair, as a potty, and the seat is removable for direct mounting on a toilet on in a bath. 

Key Features

  • Tray and activity center available

  • Optional fixed-side supports

  • Casters and potty frame options

  • Height adjustable frame

  • 4 different sizes

HTS_Angle Right.jpg

The HTS promotes the positioning that is ideal and natural for effective toileting. Meanwhile its versatility and simplicity-usable on, over, and off the toilet, no tools required-make the lives of caregivers better too. 

Key Features

  • Tilt-in-space base option

  • Adjustable backrest

  • Contoured, molded foam pads

  • Easier lifts and transfers

  • 3 different sizes

Gotta Go



GottaGo is an innovative, portable toilet seat. It is a lightweight seat that creates a supported squat posture which makes for easier, more efficient toileting. Complete with seat, frame, potty, backpack and toileting guide.

Key Features

  • 3 frame height settings

  • Latex free, quick dry material

  • Travel backpack included

  • 2 different sizes

  • 66lb weight limit

MC6000 Leckey

The MC6000Leckey eliminates the need for manual transfers into tubs and includes various positioning options. Safe and convenient, the system includes the smoothest rolling transfer system available on the market.

Key Features

  • Self-aligning slider track

  • Constructed from aircraft-grade aluminum

  • Removable connector bridge

  • 4 different sizes

  • 160lb weight limit

MC6000 Tiltped

This tub slide is a commode chair, tub access slider system, and in-home mobility chair in one complete unit. It has adjustable swing-away footrests and a tilt-in-space system with a rack and pinion hand crank. 

Key Features

  • Self-aligning slider tracks

  • Patented connector bridge

  • 17"x17" seat size with growth capabilities

  • 22" roll-in section

  • 300lb weight limit

Orca & Penguin

The Penguin can be used in the Orca bathtub but fits ordinary bathtubs as well. With its suction cups, the Penguin sits firmly on most smooth surfaces. The Orca is a stand-alone bathing system for kids with limited access to bathing areas. 

Key Features

  • Height adjustable frame

  • Easy to clean smooth surface

  • Dismantle frame for easy storage

  • Penguin supports head and trunk

  • 110lb weight limit (Orca)

blue otter.jpeg

The Otter provides support and safety for children while bathing. The Otter has an angle adjustable seat and backrest to accommodate each individual's positioning needs. The legs are slip-resistant for safety and can raise the chair an additional 7".

Key Features

  • Slip-resistant, adjustable legs

  • Comfortable and washable fabric

  • Leg straps for control

  • Shower or tub stand available

  • 4 different sizes




Splashy is a latex free multipurpose bath seat making bath-time easier and tons more fun for families and children. It's a portable, lightweight and supportive seat that works for bathing or messy games wherever you go.

Key Features

  • Warm touch, quick drying material

  • Great for 1-8 yr olds

  • Attachable harness and bumpers

  • 26 recline positions

  • 66lb weight limit

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