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Help your child with their postural support

at home or in the classroom with these various items such as the well-known P POD. 

P Pod

The P Pod offers a warm, fun and engaging look with a specially molded foam liner that provides outstanding positional support and comfort and assists with upright positioning .

Key Features

  • Heat treated foam liner

  • Machine washable velour cover

  • Available in Dartex fabric

  • Lap tray and activity frame options

  • 4 different sizes

Compass Chair_2_edited.png
Compass Chair

The Compass Chair offers mildly involved students the support they need to feel secure and comfortable. At the same time it's simple and elegant construction lets it blend easily into any classroom environment.

Key Features

  • Adjustable legs for tilt

  • Raised sides for borders

  • Optional seat belt

  • Stability feet available

  • 4 different sizes

Chill Out Chair_copy.jpg
Chill Out Chair

Chill-Out Chairs assist with a wide range of behavioral needs. The patented deep "V" foam design on The Rock'er and The Roll'er provides light pressure, hugs individuals in place, and allows the body to relax.

Key Features

  • Multi-purpose ottoman included

  • Positioning belt available

  • Multiple colors and fabrics options

  • Activity tray available

  • 5 different sizes

Go To.png



GoTo Seat is a lightweight and portable postural support seat for kids with additional needs. Every GoTo seat comes with a memory foam pressure cushion and a floorsitter. It's a little piece of independence that lets kids see the world from a new perspective.

Key Features

  • 26 recline positions

  • Fully adjustable supports

  • Latex free material

  • Machine washable

  • 2 different sizes

early activity.jpeg
Early Activity System

A modular floor-based early intervention postural support mat that consists of a number of soft, bright rolls, wedges, straps, and supports that are anti bacterial, machine washable, and can be tumbled dried.

Key Features

  • Enhances early developments

  • Provides support to infants

  • Easily packed for transportation

  • Duffle bag included

  • 33lb weight limit




The Scallop is designed to aid in floor sitting and to add extra support while sitting on a chair. It is designed for children with mild to moderate disabilities. This versatile product is the perfect aid to enable participation in everyday activities with comfort, support and ease.

Key Features

  • Reinforces balance

  • Attached to any chair

  • Removable, washable cushion

  • Lightweight and foldable

  • 4 different sizes

Seat 2 Go



The Seat2Go is designed to be a lightweight, portable seat to provide postural support for children with a wrap-around trunk support and pelvic belt. Straps on the back and seat allow for the Seat2Go to be safely secure to any chair or in a stroller.

Key Features

  • Contoured seating

  • 95-degree seat-to-back angle

  • Optional adjustable headrest

  • Attaches to a regular chair

  • 2 different sizes

Special Tomato floor sitter.png
Special Tomato Sitter

This product provides support in a variety of sitting positions. The Soft-Touch Sitters come in four different variations: sitter only, sitter with floor wedge, sitter with stationary base, and sitter with mobile base.

Key Features

  • Attachment straps 

  • Latex-free and tear-resistant material

  • Soft, contoured seat

  • Built-in abductor

  • 5 different sizes

Activity Chair

An ideal choice for the classroom or at home with a wide range of optional components available to create a customized active seating system for your child. Also available with dynamic options to accommodate tone and spasticity.

Key Features

  • Infinitely adjustable for every need

  • Available with seat springs

  • Tilt-in-space and high/lo base available

  • Optional armrests

  • 3 different sizes

Squiggles Seat

This pediatric seating and positioning system provides unparalleled postural positioning of the pelvis, torso, head, and legs with a flexible sacral cushion while giving the child the greatest

possible freedom of movement.

Key Features

  • Features tin-in-space

  • Four-point harness

  • Pair with ZIPPIE mobility bases

  • Seat width of 10" | Seat depth of 7.5"

  • 48lb weight limit


A therapy chair that grows with its user without sacrificing optimum posturing for pelvic support. Designed for children 3 to 14 years old, this pediatric seating and positioning solution gives young people an individualized therapy chair.

Key Features

  • Four-point harness

  • Adjustable frame and supports

  • Pair with ZIPPIE IRIS baes

  • Optional activity table

  • 3 different sizes

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