Caring for a child with Muscular Dystrophy, Spina Bifida, Spinal Muscular Atrophy, Head or Spinal Cord Injury, Cerebral Palsy, Scoliosis, or other condition is challenging. Navigating where you have to go for devices or care solutions can also be a challenge. We make it easier by allowing you to get everything you need under one roof. Below is a list of just some of the equipment we supply. We realize the needs of your child are unique and we make it our mission to work with your specific needs to customize solutions that work for your child and your family.

  • Gait Trainers

  • Standers

  • Car Seats

  • Cribs/Beds

  • Manual & Power Wheelchairs

  • Custom Seating

  • Bath Systems

  • Lift Systems

  • Strollers


The pediatric population is unique. When working with child-specific solutions, we recognize that your child could require many more alternatives and devices than adult patients. We also consider that these decisions are no doubt difficult to think about and can turn into an overwhelming experience if not approached appropriately. Just a few special considerations when working with children include:

  • Can the equipment grow with the child?

  • What is the need based on the child’s age and abilities?

  • How much support is needed?

  • Are there barriers in the living environment to be considered?

  • What are the child’s personal tastes and interests?

  • What is your family’s lifestyle?

  • Are school or recreational needs different from the child’s needs at home?

We can assist you in the decision process by working with your clinical providers to ensure the most appropriate solutions for your child. We offer trial equipment to make sure the solutions we provide will work for your family. We are happy to switch components or try new solutions if needed. Our team of assistive technology professionals (ATPs) always work with the goal of making sure your child’s needs are addressed to make them as independent as possible.


The Rabbit Up

The Rabbit Up is a truly adaptable stander. It is secure, reliable, and adjustable for all your standing needs while also offering the independence to explore using the optional driving, quick release wheels. The Rabbit Up enables the child to be an active participant at eye level, whilst stimulating senses and providing the child with more independence.

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Explorer Mini

The Explorer Mini is an ergonomic device with multiple weight-bearing surfaces to help promote safe, stable upright postures. The intuitive design provides just the right amount of support enabling young children with mobility impairments opportunities to develop strength, endurance, and postural control. Each element of the Explorer Mini was designed specifically for developmental milestones in early childhood. 

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Splashy isn't just for the bath or shower, it can be used at the beach, in a baby pool, or for messy play activities. We've even seen it being used in the snow and at water adventure parks. It has 26 recline options which means that even children with reduced head control or sitting ability are able to use Splashy. Choose a recline setting that suits your child's activity - you can quickly and easily adjust positions for relaxing or washing.

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Rifton HTS

According to research, support and comfort are essential for good toileting for children with special needs. The Rifton Hygiene & Tolieting System adjusts in height to five different levels of 1 inch increments. The maximum support and comfort are provided by the tilt-in-space base option. Its gas-assisted cylinder tilts up to 5˚ forward for easier transfer, as well as 25˚ back for showering and hair washing.

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