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Hello! My name is 

I am the Chief Fun Officer at Laurel Medical Solutions. 

We make it our mission to work with your child's specific needs to customize solutions that work for your family.


A well-adjusted orthotic device can make all the difference in being able to have the lifestyle your child wants.

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Help your child with their postural support at home or in the classroom with these various items such as the well-known P POD.

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Standers are therapeutic, adaptive equipment, or standing aides for children with physical disabilities. A stander is a frame that holds the child in various positions, including upright, prone, and supine.

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Gait trainers and walkers are assistive devices to help children who may not be able to stand or walk without assistance. They allows children to achieve independent.

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Properly fitted car seats are vital for families with a child with special needs. These car seats have unique supports and important restraints to aid in your child's safety.

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We have products that are designed to help parents meet the challenge of safely bathing their child who have difficulty sitting independently.

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Sleep is very important...for all of us. Children with special needs durable and comfortable beds with additional security.


Don't let anything slow your child down! We can assist you in the decision process by working with your clinical providers to ensure the most appropriate solutions for your child.


Lift and Transfer Systems are used when you cannot stand and sit independently.  The Lift System can pick you up or allow you to slide into a bed, tub or shower, or to the toilet.

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