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Properly fitted car seats are vital for families with a child with special needs. These car seats have unique supports and important restraints to aid in your child's safety. 

Carrot 3

The Carrot 3 provides optimal positioning for insufficient head, trunk, and pelvic stability; with extensive growth capabilities. The contoured headrest, body-conforming foam, and optional shoulder wings improve side impact protection. 

Key Features

  • Designed for ages 3-15yr olds

  • Lower anchors and tethers included

  • Air-mesh cushions/pads sets available

  • Seat width 19.1" | Seat depth 9.8" - 11.3"

  • 30-108lbs weight limit

Carrot 3 Booster

One of the most comprehensive car seat restraint systems available for children, teens and small adults with special needs. It was designed, engineered and built to provide optimal positioning & safety for children with insufficient head, trunk, and pelvic stability. 

Key Features

  • 4-point positioning H-harness

  • Extensive growth capabilities

  • Lateral shoulder support protection

  • Seat width 16.5" | Seat depth 17"

  • 79-165lb weight limit

Carrot Booster.jpeg

The Defender allows children with special needs 360 degrees of impact protection. The head, trunk and thighs supports, combined with our unique accessories, offer many positioning options. The seat allows for growth while remaining narrow enough for a second car seat. 

Key Features

  • No-threaded 5-point harness

  • Ultra plush seat pad

  • Chest clip & soft harness covers

  • Seat width 8.5" - 12" | Seat depth 13.5"

  • 22-110lb weight limit with booster

Gotta Go




GottaGo is an innovative, portable toilet seat. It is a lightweight seat that creates a supported squat posture which makes for easier, more efficient toileting. Complete with seat, frame, potty, backpack and toileting guide.

Key Features

  • 3 frame height settings

  • Latex free, quick dry material

  • Travel backpack included

  • 2 different sizes

  • 66lb weight limit


Are you looking for a car seat that swivels? Then Recaro Monza Nova Reha would be your best option! Parents all over the world LOVE this unique feature! This car seat also has an inflatable head rest cushion for comfort. 

Key Features

  • Quick and easy seat transfer

  • 5-point safety belt

  • Integrated speaker system

  • Front seat width 11.25" | Seat depth 11.8"

  • 15-110lb weight limit

spirit plus.jpeg
Spirit Plus

The Spirit Car seat offers parents the everyday safety of a traditional car seat combined with optimal levels of clinical support to assist with positioning needs. This car seat can grow with your child. With the extender, the seat width can be up to 16".

Key Features

  • Optional swing away supports

  • Incontinence cover available

  • 5 different color options

  • 25-130lb weight limit

  • 2 different sizes

Spirit Spica_edited.jpg
Spirit Spica

The Spirit Spica Car seat offers a low and wide side profile, designed to accommodate a spica cast. The padded upholstery is wipe-able and includes positioning wedges for multiple seating configurations, and optional seat depth extenders and back cushions. 

Key Features

  • Forward facing car seat

  • Two positioning wedges included

  • Available with seat depth extender

  • 25-130lb weight limit

  • 2 different sizes


The Quokka is a car seat that offers patients both comfort and maximum safety. It is a highly functional convertible child restraint system to meet a range of postural requirements with an ergonomic design. 

Key Features

  • Padded 5-point safety harness

  • Rear and forward facing

  • Spica positioning wedge available

  • Seat width 11" | Seat depth 11"

  • 5-39lb weight limit


The Wallaroo is a forward-facing car seat or child restraint. It's stylish and comfortable, and provides support for those that need extra positioning while in a vehicle. This seat has variety of accessories offering additional positioning in the head, trunk, and pelvic areas. 

Key Features

  • 30 degree recline wedge

  • 5-point positioning harness

  • Removable and washable fabric

  • Seat width 11.75" - 13.75" | Seat depth 10.5"

  • 22-106lb weight limit





Splashy is a latex free multipurpose bath seat making bath-time easier and tons more fun for families and children. It's a portable, lightweight and supportive seat that works for bathing or messy games wherever you go.

Key Features

  • Warm touch, quick drying material

  • Great for 1-8 yr olds

  • Attachable harness and bumpers

  • 26 recline positions

  • 66lb weight limit

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