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There are many reasons why you may need orthotics. Ankle braces and knee braces are common but we also understand that each orthotic need is individual. We have decades of experience with all levels of bracing needs. This means you have the benefit of working with an orthotist who has measured, fabricated, and fit literally thousands of devices and brings that experience to your fitting. 


We know that a well-adjusted orthotic device can make all the difference in being able to have the lifestyle you want. Whether temporary or permanent, injury-related or diagnosis related, we take the time to make sure your brace fits you accurately and comfortably. You’ve got things to do, don’t let discomfort stand in your way

DynaPro Finger Flex.jpg


Finger Flex

A movable thumb stall with an elastic pull strap can be set to reverse mild to moderate thumb adduction. Provides “static/dynamic” therapy to reverse mild to moderate adaptive tissue shortening contractures of the wrist and fingers and provides abnormal reflex arc neuro therapy for patients with spasticity.

SoftPro Static Elbow.jpg


Static Elbow

Ideal for providing positioning therapy for mild to moderate (< 90°) flexion

contractures of the elbow. Double upright with single-setting hinges which are set to provide the desired extension of the elbow.


Unloader brace

Mild to severe knee injuries; Post-operative immobilization; Grade II and III collateral ligament sprain; Patellar dislocations; Osteochondral fractures.

Concrete Wall


The Surestep DCO is the most advanced system available for the treatment of head drop. This truly dynamic device is the only system available that supports the neutral, midline position, while still allowing normal movement.


  • ADJUSTABLE TENSION resistance bands can accommodate any degree of head drop.

  • LOW PROFILE can be worn under normal clothing.

  • EASILY CONTOURED to fit any body shape.

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Meet OUr Clinician Staff


Anthony Bifano

Orthotic Specialist


Anthony Gunby

Certified Prosthetist/Orthotist

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