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Patient Care


Patient care coordination is a patient and family-centered discharge program for individuals with complex disabilities such as SCI, CVA, TBI, MS, ALS, Etc.

The patient is evaluated in their care setting, whether it is in rehab or a nursing facility with clinical staff.

Once complete, the home environment is then assessed based on the patient’s needs to return home safely.

The assessment is shared with the patient, the family, and the therapy team to assist in the proper equipment selection for discharge.

The Laurel Medical Solutions team is 

here t    help

facilitate each

Complex mobility equipment

Ramps, stairlifts, ceiling lifts

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Toileting and bathing needs

MA recipients are N    W eligible for home accessibility items.

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Covered Items

Wheelchair lifts, stair glides, ceiling lifts, metal accessibility ramps, and other items that are used by a beneficiary with a mobility impairment to enter and exit the home or to support activities of daily living; and are removable or reusable without damage to the item.


Medicaid & MCO Plans including: UPMC for You, Aetna Better Health, United Healthcare Community, and Gateway. 




David M.

LMS Client since 2023

David is a 47-year-old male with a diagnosis of paraplegia. To assist with his discharge home, we helped David receive a Quantum Rehab Q6 Edge power wheelchair with powered seating and a NuProdx Multichair that eliminates the need for shower modifications.

Care Coordination relies on the patient therapy team's home assessment and direction. After our home assessment, it was determined that a two-post overhead lift would assist David and his family with dependent transfers, and a vertical platform lift (VPL) was needed for David to access his home independently. 

Linda H.

LMS Client since 2024

Linda sustained a traumatic brain injury as a result of an infection. She lives at home with her husband, who is her primary caregiver. To facilitate her discharge, we provided Linda with the following equipment:


PDG Fuze manual tilt wheelchair


Journey Power Sit to Stand lift

Home Access

18ft aluminum ramp with 5'x5' platform


Portable shower

Raz Tilt in Space shower chair

Wound Management

Dolphin Fluid Immersion mattress

Kai S.

LMS Client since 2022

Kai is an 18-year-old who sustained a traumatic brain injury and currently lives at home with his mom and stepdad. To help facilitate his discharge, we provided Kai with the following equipment:


PDG Fuze manual tilt wheelchair


Easy Stand Evolv Stander


NuProdx Multichair 6000

Home Access

Aluminum ramp

Custom stairlift with seat harness

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