Perhaps you or a loved one is struggling with daily living activities in your home and are considering a nursing home or assisted living options. We know how important accessibility is and what a challenge it can be.  We have solutions to help you maintain your independence in your home.


We offer FREE on-site assessments 

and will work to find creative and cost-effective solutions to the unique circumstances of each of our clients.

Regardless of your condition or stage of recovery, accessibility through your daily life is important.  We understand that making sure you or your loved one are as comfortable and confident as possible, can make all the difference.  Below are a few of the certifications that provide us with the knowledge and training needed to help our customers make informed decisions about assistive equipment and home modifications to keep you or your loved one living comfortably at home.

We offer a variety of simple and more complex modification options. By implementing these creative solutions to mobility and daily living challenges, you or your loved one can maintain independence with safety and confidence.

Accessibility decisions should be proactive. Unfortunately, in many cases, solutions for home adaptation aren’t considered until a diagnosis or condition has progressed into an absolute modification need. Our
skilled and knowledgeable professionals will help you and your loved ones make the most suitable decisions for your needs.


Photo: Laurel Medical Solutions Home Medical Equipment Technician Nate (left) and Rehab Technician Bill (right) installing a ramp.

You can expect us to take the time to understand your goals, consider physical limitations, evaluate the environment, assess the need, and make recommendations for various equipment options.

Following the delivery and installation of the agreed-upon equipment, our professionals will take the time to train and educate you, your family, and/or caregivers on the proper use of the equipment. 

Ramping Options

Lift Systems

Home Modifications

Daily Living Aids


Repairs are as easy as 1, 2, 3 ! We want to better serve you through all stages of your equipment. 

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