At Laurel Medical Solutions, we are dedicated to supporting your active lifestyle. An electric scooter can be the perfect solution to improve your mobility whether you are in your home or socializing around town. We have a wide variety of styles to fit your specific needs.

  • 4 Wheel

  • 3 Wheel

  • Folding

  • ​Heavy Duty

Photo: Laurel Medical Solutions Employee Melissa


Pride Go Chair MED

The Go Chair® MED is #1 for portability! With convenient feather-touch disassembly, the Go Chair MED allows you to experience lightweight travel and independence on the go. Compact, portable and perfect for travel, the Go Chair® MED is a feature-rich power chair that disassembles easily in just a few steps! A large footplate gives you the comfort you need. 

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Pride Go Chair

 The new Pride Go Chair is the number one chair for portability, with its feather-touch disassembly which easily breaks down into 5 lightweight pieces for quick transport and storage. This chair also has adjustable height and width on the armrests, allowing more comfort for the user. 

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If you use your scooter DAILY...

Please charge your scooter 

8-10 hours PER DAY.

Please charge your scooter

 8-10 hours TWICE PER WEEK.


If you use your scooter WEEKLY...


Are you in need of a scooter or wheelchair? Laurel Medical Solutions has long and short-term rentals. Therefore, you don't have to worry about missing out on anything!

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